Daniel Oore, TRUMP THE MUSICAL PROPHET, in You Shook Me All Campaign Long: Music in the 2016 Presidential Election and Beyond, ed. Eric T. Kasper and Benjamin S. Schoening (Denton: University of North Texas Press, 2018).

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“Trump the Musical Prophet, is a tour de force. I am not certain that I can fully express how powerful its arguments are… a startling amount of research … With magisterial sweep…”
Paul Christiansen, Presidential Studies Quarterly 470 DOI: 10.1111/psq.12648 Vol. 50, No. 2, June 2020, 470–474:

. . . Oore’s chapter, “Trump the Musical Prophet,” is a tour de force. I am not certain that I can fully express how powerful its arguments are, but I will try. The author divides Trump’s musical gestures into four categories: lexical, kinesthetic, au- ditory, and mythic. Such gestures, Oore argues, have a hypnotizing effect on the U.S. public: “While we are glued to screens showing Trump’s gestures, he is no less fixated on how we receive and reconstruct them. The notion that ‘Trump is actually a very good listener’ provokes ‘laughter’ and ‘cynical chuckles,’ but it is precisely by attending to our reactions—however selectively—that he has learned to mesmerize and misdirect us with gestures that are ‘newsworthy’” (265). (The internal quotations are from Jean Grant, “Five Things We Learned from Justin Trudeau’s Interview with the New York Times at U of T,” Toronto Life, June 23, 2017, https://torontolife.com/city/toronto-politics/five- things-learned-justin-trudeaus-interview-new-york-times-u-t/; Ian Austin, “Trudeau on Trump: ‘He Actually Does Listen,’” New York Times, June 22, 2017, sec. Americas, https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/22/world/americas/trudeau-trump-nafta-canada. html; and Savannah Guthrie, “‘Fire and Fury’ Author Michael Wolff: ‘I Absolutely’ Spoke to President Donald Trump,” Today [NBC News, January 5, 2018], https://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=REEg6Jwmp6s.) According to the author, then, Trump’s gestures are effective because he attends to his reception by the public.

Oore’s chapter required a startling amount of research; in approximately 32 pages, there are 215 endnotes. With magisterial sweep, the author analyzes a dizzying number of user-generated musical reassembling of Trump’s speeches on YouTube, such as Avner Hanani’s “Trump Sonata,” which uses Steve Reich–inspired minimalism to bring out Trump’s spoken inflections and rhythms, and the bass cover by Iggy Jackson Cohen titled “Donald Trump Says ‘China,’” in which Cohen plays along with a video of Trump saying “China,” each bass lick conforming to Trump’s rhythmic and intonational patterns. Oore argues further that the focus in various YouTube parodies on the corporeality of Trump (repetition of his vocables, phonemes, words, and phrases as well as caricatures of his appearance) paradoxically fixes his mythic status in the minds of the public. Throughout the chapter, Oore examines Trump’s persona as an exhibitionist performer, how Trump exploited public outrage against him, and how he benefited from public mash-ups of his campaign speeches and interviews.


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This chapter examines Trump’s musicality as it is consumed and reproduced through media and technology, and what this musicality reveals about the man and —us— his consumers.

Trump’s performative dimensions grab at the world’s attention. Not only the attention of his detractors and supporters, but also of the formerly politically disinterested and ambivalent public, far beyond the electorate. With Trump, apathy, disinterest, and neutral posturing are equated with acceptance and support. People are expected to have opinions, and adults are expected to act on these opinions. With this combined attention and pressure, individuals reassemble the very digital media through which they
consume Trump —his words, speech, and actions— to invent their relationship with the man and the myth. Through old and emergent forms of media, and with the help of all his consumers (supporters and detractors alike), Trump has emerged as a triple threat performer. Across geopolitical boundaries “billions and billions and billions” of readers, viewers, and listeners revel in, and are reviled by, the music that is discovered in every fiber of Trump’s public, gestural, performances.

There are three primary types of gestures in which media users discover Trump’s musicality: Trump’s lexical gestures, Trump’s kinesthetic gestures, and Trump’s auditory gestures. A fourth type —the mythic gesture— emerges when any of the three primary gestures are abstracted beyond representations of Trump’s own body. Such mythic gestures are perhaps more commonly explored by his supporters than his detractors since the latter often focus on, question, or shame the very materiality of his body (e.g. unnatural hair, tiny hands, Emperor Has No Balls statues), and the immorality of its actions. Their strategy is to make the mythical vulnerable, and to reciprocate Trump’s
own habit of issuing dehumanizing objectifications. Trump apologizes with exceeding rarity, however, and why should he when he knows himself to be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created”?

Trump’s gestures grab us through the media we consume. Through media, his gestures reach us, repeat with us, and are reproduced with us. We assemble him, disassemble him, and reassemble him, inventing a man, a machine, a moron, a monster, a master, a myth… His gestures reflect our own collective and mythic patterns of media consumption, consumption that is a prerequisite for his emergence. Through lexical, kinesthetic, and auditory gestures we scrutinize or celebrate not just Trump’s body, morality, and predictive power, but our own. His body is our body and his music is our music; we assemble order and chaos, and judge our omnipotence and omniscience through him. He is our prophet and his song is our prophecy.

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