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FLYING POOKA! dani oore & florian hoefner 'ecstasy of becoming'

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Mark Lomanno – The Month in Review – October 2023
joyous and tricky … stunningly lyrical and dynamic … At times calming and lushly melodic, at others playful and noisy” — Lomanno

The Ecstasy Of Becoming:




“The Ecstasy of Becoming is joyous and tricky. The musicians — pianist Florian Hoefner and saxophonist Dani Oore — were new to me. The album is comprised entirely of improvisation — no set melodies, no through-composed passages, no premeditated arrangements. This practice isn’t especially remarkable but the results on Ecstasy are stunningly lyrical and dynamic. A third sonic element — Oore’s raw, whimsical singing — adds a timbre and approach that are neither imitative nor derivative. Oore highlights the human voice as another instrument in the ensemble rather than suggesting any semblance of a “traditional” jazz vocal performance practice. In fact, the listener can hear the work that Oore has done to meld the timbres of his voice and saxophone together, producing magical moments when you’re left wondering where one ends and the other begins. The Ecstasy of Becoming is full of highly inventive and engaging music. At times wondrously improvised, the development, organization, precision and clarity of ideas, and arcs of the music betray a deep connection between the musicians. Hoefner and Oore cover a wide range of sounds and genres, with imagination, intriguing and responsive dialogue, and expert musicality as the unifying factors. At times calming and lushly melodic, at others playful and noisy, as Flying Pooka the duo plays fugues, jams, grooves and vamps; ballads that bounce and others that caress; dances that haunt, lurk, and seep; and others that flutter and float. Be sure to add the album’s penultimate track, “Death Dances,” to your All Hallow’s Eve/día de los muertos soundtrack.” —Mark Lomanno


Feature: Ottawa Citizen, Peter Hum
Interview: Ottawa Citizen, Peter Hum
Review: Jazz Journal, M. Bannond


Florian Hoefner: piano
Dani Oore: saxophone, voice
Dave Darlington: mastering engineer, mixing
Nadja von Massow: art work, cover design
Steve Lilly: recording engineer