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A recipient of many grants, artist residencies, and academic distinctions (e.g. Canada Council for the Arts, NS Dept. of Culture, The Banff Centre for the Arts, University Medal), Daniel was a nationally top-ranked fellow of the Joseph Armand Bombardier CGS-SSHRC doctoral award. He received his doctorate in music at the University of Toronto, where he worked closely with his supervisor, composer Christos Hatzis, as well as with spontaneous composers, Mike Murley, and Jim Lewis.

Dr. Oore’s dissertation, “Snap, Twang, and Blue Note: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Features that Accompany Temporal Deviations in African-American Musics,” was accepted ‘as is’.  He was an invited presenter at the University of Toronto’s Research Colloquium in Music Education and at Stanford University’s Music and the Brain Symposium, at the Center for Computer Research in Acoustics and Music (CCRMA).

Embodied and multimodal musical experience is a theme in Oore’s research (e.g. the music of motion, the music of speech).

Current research includes:

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