dani oore • sageev oore
co-arrangers, performers, co-producers

Nomination: Best Classical Recording ECMA 2013

Radical Cycle cover by sageev oore


“. . . stunning . . . It’s a genuine revelation what they do here.  The musicianship and invention that went into Radical Cycle are of a very high level and very gratifying to hear . . . disparate blends are achieved in ways that sound totally right even if they at first startle one with their novelty. The improvisational element is masterful, not referring to swing or bop musical vocabulary but achieving flow, continuity and skillfully weaving harmonic and melodic elements with a sure ear and execution. It’s music that stays with you, rather unforgettable, especially if you already know the art songs in their original form. Excellent!”
Grego Applegate Edwards, Classical Modern Music Review (7/09/2012)

“. . . one of the best recitals I have ever attended, period. The concept and execution of the program were flawless.  Bravo!”
Christos Hatzis (reviewing a live performance of Radical Cycle) (10/11/2014)

“. . . full of beauty, daring and humour, inspired by themes plucked from the realm of dreams, where anything can happen. . .”
Stephen Cooke, Chronicle Herald (03/05/2012)

“The project was born from repeated forays into classical songbooks, and as the brothers played and replayed songs by Brahms, Schubert and others, additional elements of their shared backgrounds began bleeding into the mix—a hint of klezmer here, a moment of harmonic improvisation there. The result is a beautiful and gently experimental collection of songs, and marks the pair’s first recording as a duo.”
Alison Lang, The Coast (14/06/2012)

“. . . fresh and engaging improvisatory perspectives on classical themes, Schubert to Ives, deftly rendered with confidence, clarity and imagination. . .”
Mark Miller (2012)

“Playfully inventive yet at times quite challenging . . .  with a perpetual forward momentum with turns and twists, inventive call and response interludes and abrupt rhythmical changes. . . beautifully engaging right to the end.”
Dave Hayden, The Coast (12/05/12)