coast cover danny daniel dani oore (photo: scott munn)

“I was moved to tears . . . an incredible musician! . . . Brilliant and deeply human at the same time.  Tonight I felt so connected with the world through [Dani’s] music.”
Christos Hatzis (28/03/14)

“Oore’s palpable fragility in a scene recounting the pogroms, for instance, is one of the most devastating things I’ve ever witnessed in a theatre.”
Dave Jaffer, Cult MTL, (13/12/18)

brilliant . . . a fearless artist of great intelligence and extraordinary creativity . . . I am certainly impressed and inspired by this music.”
Mike Murley (06/10/15)

“Oore also danced, a long, diagonal, tortuous effort to get across the stage and later a comic entanglement with a box. Is there no end to this young man’s brilliance?
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald (05/12/03)

“A fearless performer, and very funny . . . the high point of the show has to be seeing Dani Oore play a rubber boot . . . You have to see it to know how brilliant a rubber boot can be.”
Jerry West, The Daily News (05/01/05)

“. . . an extraordinary reed player . . . Based on what I heard last night, I’d rank him with just about any young saxophonist in improvised music.”
James Hale, Jazz Chronicles (28/10/11)

“Danced by the intensely inventive Dani Oore”
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald (01/06/06)

stunning . . .  a genuine revelation . . . masterful
Grego Applegate Edwards, Classical Modern Music Review (7/09/12)

Equal parts crab walker, snake charmer, and bull fighter, Oore leads the swinging woman around the dance floor as if an invisible thread connects her to his sax. Dipping up and down in a Cossack hop, he still manages an intricate solo without missing a beat.”
Sam Worthington, Halifax Magazine (04/06)

“. . . so naked, so dangerously and uninhibitedly exposed, it compels your attention by its striking honesty.  He’s a rare one.”
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald (03/11/05)

“. . . every breath, every note sounds fragile.”
Christos Hatzis (28/03/14)

“There is an astonishing vulnerability in Oore’s playing as he demonstrated with an intensely glowing, radioactive performance”
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald, (08/07/00)

“[Dani] sounded the best . . .  played the best language, because he had a good feel, he knew, he already had some stuff going on . . . That cannot be learned from a book, there is no pill for that, there is no drink for that, there is no costume or shirt for that, there is no prayer for that, and I can tell you right now there is no drug for that.
David Liebman (27/03/13)

“One of the finest and most startling young saxophonists on the scene.”
National Arts Centre (2002)

“The first thing I noticed and appreciate about this record is how deconstructed and lean the arrangements are. There’s nary an unneeded note, stray pulse or overdone rhythm on this record.”
S. Victor Aaron, All about jazz (24/06/11)

“Dani projects a strong sense of form . . . I hear a logical arc to this recording that I find very impressive considering the complexity and variety of the sonic landscape and improvisations.”
Mike Murley (06/10/15)

“The most successful score of the evening in terms of consistency and coherence of imagery and even formal elegance, was a delicate, transparently sensitive piece by saxophonist Daniel Oore.”
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald (15/11/99)

“The endless faces of [his] tone, like different characters inhabiting the same body, is nothing short of stupendous.”
Christos Hatzis (28/03/14)

“Oore’s soprano, pretty at first, grows ever more daring and aggressive”
Steve Greenlee, JazzTimes (19/11/11)

“Performances by Oore and Coady are top notch. Both are extraordinary musicians as well as gifted actors. The music is very much a player in Old Stock; an orgasm solo on the clarinet is remarkable in its veracity.”
Liane Faulder, Edmonton Journal (10/05/18)

“. . . so intense, so personal, and so out of the ordinary, few people in the audience knew what to make of it . . . This was a daring act . . . ”
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald (10/07/00)

“The sax virtuoso is the can’t-miss act . . . Dude’s beatboxing into a plastic drain pipe. And it sounds awesome.”
Lezlie Lowe, The Coast Magazine, Cover Story (17/07/03)

“The virtuosity of Dani Oore . . .  expresses an ease of playing long gone beyond technique where the instrument becomes as natural to him as his voice. . . nothing could be more ebullient, elated and effervescent than Dani Oore.”
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald (03/11/05)

“. . . won over the crowd.”
Sandy MacDonald, The Daily News (23/07/91)

“Turning listeners on their ears.”
Adrian Hoffman, CBC Radio (2000)

“He layered all this sound through a variety of electronics, co-ordinated by a laptop computer . . . It was an amazing thing to hear. You couldn’t take your ears off of it.”
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald (31/05/06)